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4 square dies with hemstitches: 5,5 x 5,5″, 4,3 x 4,3″, 3,2 x 3,2 “, 2,4 x 2,4″in addition a round tag die with a hello inside.                                                          Tip: This die has many small filigree openings. For a simple and easy handling we recommend to use the die as follows: Place an additional piece of cardstock (in the thickness of Bazzill and in the size of the frame that you want to punch out) in the Sandwich.Add in addition a piece of printer paper under the piece of paper from which you want to punch out the frame. This increases the pressure in the punching machine a little, the small punched-out inner parts of the openings remain almost completely on the paper when you remove the printer paper, you do not have to pick out more individually.This variant works better than punching with the Precision Plate.

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